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French Holiday Courses in France - Learn French During Summer Vacations on the Riviera

Delightful and Affordable Holidays while Learning French on the French Riviera at a cosy & efficient French Summer School

Family French Courses Summer 2021

Morning courses 4 hrs/day (the French program booked by most of the students)
Intensive 6 hrs/day - High Intensive Courses 8 hrs/day for greater spontaneity in speech.

We are probably the most family-convenient French language school in France on the Riviera; the only one that welcomes whole families to take part in our Language Courses. Parents together with their children, (both teenagers and youngsters from ages 6 to 17 in different classes) can attend our efficient French language courses, at very affordable prices which includes attractive accommodation and tuition fees.

Children summer camp in France to learn French while visiting France. There is no better way to learn.

The Central Beach in the middle of Saint-Raphaël
The Central Beach in the middle of Saint-Raphaël

The Central Beach in the middle of Saint-Raphaël

We are a French-language school located in the coastal town of Saint-Raphael, on the beautiful French Riviera, offering a wonderful way to learn French for families while enjoying a delightful holiday with your family in France at very reasonable prices. Our registered name since 1977 is France Language & Culture.

Our school is very well known in this part of the Riviera. For the 44th consecutive year, we are offering French summer courses in France for families, children and students to International customers of all ages and levels, coming from all corners of the planet.

French Course for Family Holidays on the Riviera

  • Come and enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean atmosphere with your family, endless blue skies and balmy weather the French Riviera is renowned for.
  • Study here on one of our French language courses at one of the region's oldest, most renowned French-language schools. Established since 1976 located in Saint Raphael, the perfect destination for an immersion language family holiday.
  • After all those Coronavirus miseries with lockdowns, restrictions and frustrations , it’s time to stretch your legs, your brain and rediscover the French language with us.

Below is a summary of the various family and student Programmes offered, with their sub-link, allowing you to take a brief look at the contents of the curriculum and to help you pick the most suitable course for you and your family:

For Children, for Teens, for Adults, for language teachers, for private lessons.

An advanced morning session with Pascal, the teacher in charge
An advanced morning session with Pascal, the teacher in charge

An advanced morning session with Pascal, the teacher in charge

We also organize school excursions to fascinating and interesting places. Specializing in courses in the French language. The school offers a full curriculum for all ages.

Our best publicity and reward are the previous students listed when you review our testimonials and references. We make learning fun and engaging, this is important, so you retain as much of the French language as possible. What better way to learn French while on holiday in France with your family?

Please take a quick look below at the summer course schedule for 2021 to facilitate your planning.

Course Schedule Summer 2021

Sunday: Arrivals and Departures from Saint Raphaël

See below the 2, 3 or 4-week session that would suit you. If you need another combination of weeks , we can help.

2 Weeks3 Weeks4 Weeks
June 13 - June 27June 13 - July 04June 13 - July 11
June 27 - July 11
July 11 - July 25July 04 - July 25June 27 - July 25
July 25 - August 08
August 08 - August 22

Last chance latecomers
not for beginners
Aug 22 - Aug 29

August 01 - August 22July 25 - August 22

Special one-to-one and two-to-one courses offered during the winter/spring time months as well, please enquire if interested Click here.

Please take your time and click around all the links on the right or above the column at the top of this homepage. You will get a comprehensive picture of our profile and how we run our French language school. Merci and we hope to see you soon.

Contact Edmond V Saenger

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From June 10th to August 26th only:
Phone (+33) 612 88 78 95
Fax (+33) 494 40 57 10

Permanent office , the remaining of the year :
Phone/Fax: +46 835 06 98
in Stockholm (Sweden)

Where you will find us busy with other seminars.

A bientôt au plaisir de vous accueillir!

If English is not your native language and you don't feel comfortable in it, please feel free to contact us in German, Spanish, Swedish or French .. we manage!


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