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Conditions of Registration French Holidays

Registration Fee, 230 Euros

The registration fee is divided into two parts. Euro 50 is an administrative fee that is not part of the tuition. The remaining Euro 180 is a down payment on your tuition fee. This will be deducted from your final balance payment , 2 weeks before your arrival in Sint-Raphaël.

The 230 Euros registration fee per person will be transferred by an Wire Transfer Order from your bank to our bank in France according to instructions we will send you prior to your online registration.

Registration Form

For registration online, you follow the instructions we will send you just prior to your registration. By return mail . Once our French bank gives the word about your transfer , we will send you a confirmation of your registration. At that time you will receive the name and address of the host family or boarding house where you will be residing as well as some useful information concerning your language stay in Saint-Raphaël.

Balance of the Tuition And Accommodation Fees

Will be made latest , 2 weeks prior to our arrival in France , with a second Wire Transfer Order to our French bank with the same bank details.

Cancellation Fee

There is a cancellation fee of Euro 30 that is included in the registration fee of Euro 50. If the school receives a written notice of cancellation two weeks before the course starts, the full down payment and the registration fee, less the cancellation fee, will be refunded. Once the course is in session, the registration fee and full tuition and accommodation fees are not refundable. Travel insurance coverage is very important should anything unexpected happen just prior to your departure or during your visit.

Mutual Rules of Conduct

The management of the school will see to it that all the available courses and programs offered in this website are fulfilled to the best of our ability. The best publicity and reward we can achieve are participants who are happy and satisfied. In return we expect from the students a positive attitude and behavior in the classrooms, with their host families or hotels and during school outings so as to insure an enjoyable stay that is both intellectually challenging and culturally rewarding.


The organization responsible for the French language courses is France Langue & Culture™, a private school registered in France.


If you wish to know more about Saint Raphaël and the French Riviera, counseled on the choice of courses, accommodations and leisure activities, excursions, etc. please contact us in Stockholm, Sweden until the end of May (which is where you will find us during the academic year lecturing at many seminars).

Office phone: + 46 8 35 06 98

Mobile phone: + 46 73 669 15 25


Welcome to a rewarding and enjoyable French language holiday stay in Saint-Raphael on the French Riviera !

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