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General Information For our French summer Course in holidays

Here below, some of our talented  French teachers last summer 2017 From the left : Laura, Dorine, Annie, Kris, Flora and Michel.
Here below, some of our talented French teachers last summer 2017 From the left : Laura, Dorine, Annie, Kris, Flora and Michel.

On the first day of attendance you will be placed by our teachers, to a suitable group corresponding to what you announced in your registration form.
”On a scale of 0 to 5, were would you place your current level in French ?” There are five levels, all from beginner to university status. If required, you may switch groups during the first two days of your arrival in case you need to find a more suitable learning level.

Are you a pure beginner with no previous knowledge at all in French, on the International scale of A1 - A1+ , you will join right away, a special little group of students in the same situation . under the guidance of a teacher who knows English, while the other students with previous studies in French an the scale of A2, B1, B2 etc…... Course Literature

We loan out textbooks at no extra cost and distribute many copies A4 during the course. The student must provide writing materials. A French grammar, dictionary and verb declination lexicon (e.g. Bescherelle) is also very handy to have with you.

The Afternoon Course for Intensive

- Intensive course
- 2 hours per afternoon + 4 hrs per morning
- 2-4 students

Afternoon intensive sessions in a quite environment
Afternoon intensive sessions in a quite environment
Afternoon intensive sessions in a quite environment
Afternoon intensive sessions in a quite environment

Afternoon intensive sessions in a quite environment

The High Intensive Course 8 hr/day

4 hrs/morning in small groups + 2 hrs/lunch private + 2 hrs afternoon with max 3 students at the same level.

This is a crash course that includes lunch with a private teacher. According to a curriculum agreed upon by the student and the teacher, this course will consist of a number of discussions, varying daily, covering themes about daily life in today's France. The participant can choose the subjects of these discussions according to his or her interests.

For more detailed information on the concepts behind our French summer school classes, please read below:

The main concept is:

Our teachers speaks less, so the students are able to speak more, after being provided with the necessary material frameworks for dialogues, conversations and even exposés for more advanced guests. French beginner learners know the subjects to discuss, but lack the vocabulary. It’s the task for the teachers to provide them the necessary tools to start expressing themselves in French: Some simple grammar rules, phrase structures and vocabulary. Just to feel cosy and comfortable in what they say. Our courses are customised and personalized to your needs; led by a dynamic, attentive and dedicated team with affordable courses of excellent quality.

We provide a self-learning method to achieve high participation rates thanks to fun, personalized and concise content and to ensure consolidation of acquired knowledge. The best way to learn French is to be immersed in the language. Taking courses with skilled professionals does exactly that.

Be successful in a French Summer Course:

Attending classes and studying is only HALF of the learning process. If you want to be truly successful and learn the French language, then this is not enough! You have to be outgoing and extroverted because in France, the way you act and interact with other people is very important. A whole French culture and history stands behind the language, so until you can appreciate that, you will go through a new life process of values and attitudes with our classes.

You’ll learn French for the pleasure of increasing your knowledge:

Those who are motivated with internal goals (like the desire to learn new things) do better and learn more than those who are externally motivated (I want a good grade when I get back home). Tell yourself you want to go to France! Other useful options would be to say you want to understand some French music, watch a French movie, or even just read a salad Niçoise recipe in French. We would be happy to show you in Saint-Raphaël all of these things! Get a few classmates or natives together, grab a coffee and expand your language skills outside of the classroom. Give what you learn some meaning other than memorising the vocabulary list from the morning French class. Languages are about communication, so find some people to communicate with!

Show your teacher you care about learning French:

The best way to be successful in French, outside of liking the subject matter, would be to show your teacher that you actually care about the material, the language and the country. Just showing interest in learning the language (attending daily classes & asking questions) motivates your teacher to help both you and the class more. Since your teacher is a native French speaker, you will benefit from showing concern and attention to his or her native background. Maybe some of their questions would start a great discussion which better prepare their class. There are many factors at play. Contribute to a positive learning environment and you’ll be rewarded with more French, which makes attending that French class inherently easier. Go up to your teacher after class if you wish to introduce yourself and tell him or her why you’re there and how much to like the learning process. You’ll notice how they open up to you and treat you a bit differently because they want to see you succeed!

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