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French Language Summer Schools in France
In our summer camp, kids performing French children's song with their teacher
In our summer camp, kids performing French children's song with their teacher

In our summer camp, kids performing French children's song with their teacher

Learning French and attending French language summer courses in France at a well known and recognized French language school for foreigners has long been a popular, effective, and really fun way of learning French. There are language summer courses at many French schools in France offering a wide range of French language proficiencies . There are French language summer courses that offer French instruction and intensive tuition, also in smaller and quiet homy towns as Saint-Raphael on the French Riviera. Because we are located in a French "ordinary" coastal city without celebrities and " beautiful people ", ( no jet sets, no Rolls-Royce cars on the streets ) St. Raphael still today has one of the most reasonable pricing of the Cote d 'Azur and that explains we can be among the most inexpensive language school on the French Riviera . Specially for accommodation and eating in town!

Our French language school, established since 1977 has been running summer programs every year and we are considered as one of the best French language schools along the French Riviera. With the most affordable tuition and housing fees. We keep unchanged tuition and accommodation fees for the seventh year in a row.
We offer excellent French language courses in our French language school and give you the opportunity to improve your skills in spoken French , both when it comes to increase your spontaneity , your idioms and your oral expressions.
Learning French in our French language schools in France, enhances the learning process because you learn in a French language school in France where it is spoken.
That gives much more fun and provide you with a greater experience when you live in a cultural French language school environment.
There are courses at other French language schools in bigger cities along the French Riviera , offering French courses for foreigners at France's bigger popular tourist destinations at much higher pricing . That can be exhausting and much more expensive

The best way is when you learn French at a French language school in a smaller town , in small groups, max 10 min walking distance to the sea and , at the same time, have access in the afternoon to close major cities on the French Riviera l If you prefer to take French courses at a French language school in a quieter destination, our French language school - France Langue & Culture - very family-friendly oriented, would be delighted to welcome Adults, Teens and small Children .Each generation attending different classes.
This has been our main profile since 1977, that is for 39 years in a row !

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Welcome to a rewarding and enjoyable French language holiday stay in Saint-Raphael on the French Riviera !

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